FIA Certified
The Circuit II QRT is a wider version of the Circuit which is an ultra-light competition seat specifically designed for circuit use. Made from aramadic fiber-rein...
The Circuit II Carbon is a wider version of the Circuit Carbon which is a competition seat designed to provide additional head and neck protection. It is constructed with light weight “Pre-Preg” aerospace grade carbon fiber, also known as Dry Carbon. The Circuit II Carbon includes integrated bolsters to protect the head from lateral impacts. This seat can be used with an FHR (frontal head restraint) device for even greater protection. The ultra-light shell is features impact-absorbing material surround on the headrest. It has high grip material in strategic places such as the shoulder bolsters and seat bottom to aid in lateral support. The Circuit Carbon is FIA 8859-1999 approved.
LARGE – up to a 36” waist (pants size). 
Designed and developed at the Sparco OEM Composite Laboratory in Italy, QRT is a patented state-of-the-art technical process, based on aerospace technologies. QRT creates an unparalleled mechanical strength to weight ratio. This innovative production method generates the lightest composite seat shells currently on the market; in fact, it guarantees a reduction in total weight of up to 30% compared to traditional production methods.
  • Ultralight Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber shell
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Fire-retardant fabric
  • Special non-slip fabric
  • FIA 8859-1999