Sparco Seat Bases utilize the factory seat mounts on your vehicle's floor and provide a flat surface for mounting your Sparco seat. All seat bases are vehicle specific and provide a 100% bolt-in installation. The 600 Series Sparco seat base ...

Sparco Seat Bases utilize the factory seat mounts on your vehicle's floor and provide a flat surface for mounting your Sparco seat. All seat bases are vehicle specific and provide a 100% bolt-in installation.

The 600 Series Sparco seat base is constructed with 3/16" thick steel to provide a strong flex-free mount. In addition to the mouting holes provided for standard bolt-on installation, the Sparco base has a wide metal platform to allow custom mounting of side mounts direct to the base (drilling required). This direct installation is an option for race vehicles where the lowest seat position is desired. The base is powder coated in a black wrinkle finish. 

In order to properly install a Sparco seat in your vehicle, you will need one (1) of each of the following, per seat:

Bottom Mount Seat (Street Series Seats)

  • Seat Base (600 series)
  • Track Set (#00493)*
  • Bottom Mount Hardware Kit (#50001)
Side Mount Seat (Competition Series Seats)
  • Seat Base (600 series)
  • Track Set (#00493)*
  • Side Mount (steel #004902, or aluminum #600W)**
  • Side Mount Hardware Kit (#50002)

*The Track Set allows for forward and backward adjustment of the seat

**Side mounts are not required on seat base applications that are marked "*SIDE MOUNT ONLY" and cannot be used with the Track Set Slider**



  • 3/16 Steel Construction
  • Wrinkle Powder Coat finish
  • Outer set mounting locations allows for wider side mount seats (EVO L, EVO XL, etc)
  • Wide mounting surface are allows direct mounting of side mounts (drilling required)

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